Jun 042011

the power of a smileCan smiling help you to move forwards?  Are you lacking in confidence and afraid to be noticed?

Practice smiling.

Think about those people who seem to always have a smile and a word for others.  How do they make you feel?  You can be like that too.  You will be remembered as much for your smile as who you are and what you do. As long as the smile is genuine and you use eye-contact you will come across as friendly and approachable – and confident.

13 facts about smiling:
  1. A smile is a universal expression of happiness and recognized by all cultures.
  2. A smile is the most frequently used facial expression.  It takes as few as five pairs of facial muscles to smile.
  3. Regardless of the precise number of muscles used, smiling causes far fewer muscles to contract and expand than frowning.
  4. Smiling makes us feel better because it releases endorphins.
  5. Even ‘faking’ a smile can lead to a happier feeling.
  6. People are born with the ability to smile (They don’t copy the expression, even babies who are born blind, smile)
  7. Babies reserve special smiles for their loved ones.
  8. A newborn shows a preference for a smiling face over a non-smiling face.
  9. Women smile more than men.
  10. Younger people smile more than older people. Males with high testosterone smile least of all.
  11. There are 18 different kinds of smile used in a variety of social situations.
  12. Human beings can differentiate between the ‘felt’ smile (of joy and happiness) and the social smile – ‘it’s in the eyes’ (literally).
  13. A smiling person is judged to be more pleasant, attractive, sincere, sociable, and competent.

A smile costs nothing, however, it brings great richness to you and the recipient.

Have a SMILING day!