Time Line Therapy™


Something about Time

How we live today, how we clock in eyehandle the situations we face, how we create and pursue our goals and dreams for the future are all products of our past.  Your core values, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions — the determinants of your self image, behaviour, and how you relate to others — all learned over time through observations and experiences.  What if your links to the past — your values, beliefs, and emotions — are limiting you, holding you back, keeping you stuck in negative or undesirable attitudes and behavioural patterns?

Time has a strange, elastic quality.  It goes really fast when you are engaged in something interesting and stretches when you allow yourself to get bored.  Although each one of us has 24 hours each day, the perception of time is different. Some people are stuck in the past, others have their gaze firmly staring into the future, and some people just live in the moment.

Time also gives your memories meaning.  You can change the meaning a memory has by changing its quality and its relationship to time.  This allows you to release yourself of negative emotions and limiting decisions and gives you the means to create the future you would like to have without the influence of dis-empowering past memories.

What is Timeline Therapy™?

Timeline Therapy™ is an exceptionally powerful method for helping you resolve your issues from the past, gain and take control of the present, and expand your horizons and expectations for creating and living a compelling and dynamic future.  In going through the Time Line Therapy™ process, a client can find the root cause experience of similar experiences (e.g. unwarranted anger, sadness, etc.), recode that internal representation by recovering knowledge and learning that had previously been deleted or distorted, and then recode all the similar events along the time line to the present.

Timeline Therapy™ is simple, powerful, and when used, either alone or in complement with other strategies like Hypnosis or NLP, produces extraordinary results.

Time Line Therapy™ does not require the client to discuss in detail (with the therapist or themselves!) past memories.