Jun 262011

Have you ever tried holding your breath when listening to someone?  Not because you are practising for a 2 minute underwater dive, but because that someone had bad breath.  Imagine that someone is you!  Eewww!

At some point of time, we have had experience bad breath.  Why do we get bad breath?  How do we get rid of it?

We talk practically every day in our lives and if we have bad breath, it affects our confidence with people as well as our reputation.  We can choose not to talk for fear that someone will find out how nasty our mouth smelled, or we are embarrassing or offending those we are talking to.  Bad breath carries with it a taste that is offensive to the owner too.

Once in a while or morning bad breath is easily remedied by simple hygiene – brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash.  Personally, I prefer gargling with a salt and water mixture as I don’t like the taste of chemicals in my mouth. It’s just as effective as mouthwash in killing germs.

But, can you imagine having chronic bad breath – so bad that simply brushing your teeth and avoiding spicy food is not enough?  This nightmare is called chronic halitosis.

There are very good remedies for most people.  First, you should do the obvious – see a dentist!  You see, bad body odours, in general, are secondary to the growth of micro-organisms (bacteria, yeast, etc) that produce noxious fumes as by-product of their metabolisms.  So, it’s important to go and check that you don’t have a major infection that’s causing the rotten smell in your mouth.

Killing bacteria is still the strategy and it just because people with chronic bad breath are unlucky enough to have gotten a particularly smelly strain of bacteria.  How do you do this?

One, brush your teeth more often – like every time you eat.  Two, get into the habit of brushing your tongue as well.  Three, get a good mouthwash that kills bacteria.  Lastly, eat yoghurt.  You see, yoghurt contains good bacteria that lives well in the body and is benign.

If you are willing to try these simple steps, you may just find that your bad breath takes a hike.