Stephanie Lai – Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy in Nara Medispa by Hypnotherapist Stephanie Lai

I’m Stephanie Lai, clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP coach.

My passion is living, learning and sharing.  For many years, I have dedicated a large portion of my time to facilitate personal changes in others as well as paying attention to my own continuous, personal and professional, development.

Today, I am grateful to be able to share and apply my knowledge, skills and techniques of Hypnotherapy and NLP to empower people in creating long lasting and life changing results.

Working with my clients on a holistic level, i.e. incorporating the mind, body and environment, with a proactive approach, the sessions will allow you to feel motivated to embrace a new way of being, understand yourself more and to experience life, emotions and body at their greatest capacity.

Beside being a Personal Success & Well-being Coach, I’m trained as

Change is possible, when you are willing.