Jul 122011
Keep A Food Journal

Bob Greene, a renowned exercise physiologist, best-selling author and a trusted personal trainer of Oprah, recommends keeping a food journal an ongoing tool to keep you motivated in your fat loss program. Each day, record your fitness and exercise goals, […] Read more

Jun 122011
Juicing Your Cucumber

Juicy Facts: Cucumber is VERY alkaline. Cucumber juice is EXTREMELY good for your hair, skin and nails.  It really is True. Cucumber juice is high in potassium. Cucumber juice can lower your blood pressure. Cucumber is a wonderful source for […] Read more

Jun 072011
Wise Eating

Healthy living is an important part of a well-balanced life.  A wise eating plan fuels your body and makes you capable of the best life you can live.  Without it, you may lack the inner journey and motivation to pursue […] Read more

Jun 052011
How Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?

Okay, you might be asking how hypnosis can help with weight loss.  First, one of the causes of weight gain is too much sugar intake.  Hypnosis suggestions can educate the unconscious mind that sugar is not that exciting.  The result […] Read more