Jun 052011
How Does Hypnosis Work For Weight Loss?

Okay, you might be asking how hypnosis can help with weight loss.  First, one of the causes of weight gain is too much sugar intake.  Hypnosis suggestions can educate the unconscious mind that sugar is not that exciting.  The result […] Read more

Jun 052011
Wellness Of The Mind

The level of spirituality we hold with ourselves is one way in which we establish some wellness of mind.  Spirituality, on any level, is a way to cleanse the mind and refresh the soul.  Wellness is not only about the […] Read more

May 172011

The levels of consciousness range from being fully alert to being deeply asleep. They are mainly distinguished from each other by their brain wave frequency. It is also important to note that there are no rigid boundaries separating them. Instead, […] Read more

May 112011

CLINICAL hypnosis, or hypnotherapy, may still be a new buzzword to many doctors here in Malaysia, but it is no stranger to Harvard Medical School associate professor of psychiatry Dr David C Henderson….Read more

May 092011

Clinical trials of therapeutic hypnosis are starting to confirm its potential benefits. Christina Liossi, a psychologist at the University of Wales in Swansea, recently conducted a study of 80 cancer patients aged 6 to 16….Read more

May 052011
The Truth About The Funky Chicken

After more than two hundred years, the world is still saying WOW in amazement to this gracious art.  Hypnotherapy has come a long way and I believe that we are now in an age where we know so much of […] Read more