Jun 302011
Beyond Positive Thinking

Doctors cannot cure 90% of our ailments, for these are problems of “thought disease,” of psychoneuroimmunology, problems that begin with our negative thoughts and negative actions. The cure is to give ourselves a spiritual tune-up. Like any other engine, the […] Read more

Jun 182011
Kick Out the Grumpies!

How badly do you want your life to change and improve?  How much have you studied up on self-help, personal development and success?  How many articles and publications have you read? One very important question – Have you taken ACTION […] Read more

Jun 042011
When You're Smiling!

Can smiling help you to move forwards?  Are you lacking in confidence and afraid to be noticed? Practice smiling. Think about those people who seem to always have a smile and a word for others.  How do they make you […] Read more