Jun 262011
It Happens To The Best Of Us

Have you ever tried holding your breath when listening to someone?  Not because you are practising for a 2 minute underwater dive, but because that someone had bad breath.  Imagine that someone is you!  Eewww! At some point of time, […] Read more

Jun 222011
Store Up Your Positive Experiences!

You might have heard about Pavlov, who found that he could condition dogs to salivate by just ringing a bell, with no food in sight.  The dogs were conditioned to associate the bell ringing with food.  In NLP, what Pavlov […] Read more

Jun 142011
4 Common Self-Sabotage Strategies to Avoid

Do you find yourself repeating behaviours that sabotage what you want in your life or your success?  Are you ready to put your limiting behaviour to rest in favour of a better outlook and greater fulfilment? The first step to […] Read more

Jun 082011
My Self-Confidence Is Increasing

My self-confidence is increasing as I become wiser each day. I am learning that I am intelligent and valuable. I ignore the negative things said to me by those in my past about my character and abilities.  By putting aside […] Read more

May 052011
The Truth About The Funky Chicken

After more than two hundred years, the world is still saying WOW in amazement to this gracious art.  Hypnotherapy has come a long way and I believe that we are now in an age where we know so much of […] Read more